Keep your mind to concentrate only on preparation, and don’t give a damn anything else for a year. Leave all the unnecessary comforts, and just work on your mind, and train it to become the hardest.


  •  Know about your strengths and weakness, like how many hours you can study perfectly, which subject is difficult for you, etc.


  • Every single day looks at the mains syllabus, every term in it should go deep in mind so that while reading newspapers and magazines you can understand what is relevant and can be skipped.



  • Start writing answers from the first day itself, It doesn’t matter you write the  right one or not. This is just a beginning step so keep on going, after a while you don’t even need someone to evaluate your answers, you can do it.


  • You have to make daily, weekly, or monthly targets and try to complete all of them on time.


  • There are hardly 7-9 standard books, which you should have to read.


  • Don’t let people ruin your peace of mind and it is recommended to avoid them for achieving your goals successfully.


  • You need to do more than 40 tests for prelims. You have to be successful for getting higher marks on every test.


  • Self motivate every day and be so determined to your goal, avoid all the distractions, and don’t ever repeat the same mistakes.



In the end, you just need to stay strong, believe in yourself, and trust your journey. Surely you will become an undefeatable and confident individual. After the preparation, no one can stop you from achieving your dream.