On November 5th, the new version of Animal Crossing: New Horizons will be released, along with the Happy Home DLC, which makes many Animal Crossing players very happy. So for ACNH Island designers, what will they prepare for this update? Today, let us hear about the unique skills or unexpected ways that designer Val has when using in-game Animal Crossing NMT design tools or objects.

As the saying goes, the more you design, the better you will get, because a lot of it is trial and error. So no matter what stage your skill level is at, you need to keep doing this. This is the most effective method for everyone in design.

For Val, in order to make it easier to combine colors, he starts with a grayscale palette when creating the design.

You need to save often. If you make a big mistake, you can either exit the design and take back the previous edits. Once he Animal Crossing Bells needs to try something new and uncertain, he will also copy the design into a new template. He has at most five templates of the same design at the same time.

Because there are very few green items in the game, he needs to use his creativity to finally present the idea of ​​the Swamp Path, adding a dark green that can't be found outside the tree. When he saw other swamp codes, it made people feel like the core of an exquisite hut, and for him he wanted to add glowing fireflies to the dark swamp. In order to increase the variety of "greens" to create depth, he made umbrella shrubs in it. Several umbrellas, green mums and two different types of bushes will be able to help the ground cover more lush. Some of the great umbrella designs are from his IG friends, such as Alligator Loki and Deku Scrubs.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons condenses the designer's efforts and sweat. They created Animal Crossing: New Horizons through a variety of unique inspirations. Because of this, it is widely praised by players. If you want to use special Animal Crossing Items to decorate islands with different styles, you can come to MMOWTS to have a look, where a variety of unique Animal Crossing Items are being sold at low prices, and there must be items you need. Go take a look!