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Salesforce ADX-271 Exam is an essential certification for Salesforce developers and administrators who are interested in building websites that deliver an exceptional customer experience. Create and Manage Experience Cloud Sites certification exam measures your expertise in designing and building websites with Salesforce Experience Cloud, including creating and managing sites, managing site templates and layouts, managing site security, and more.

Salesforce ADX-271 certification is designed for professionals who want to demonstrate their expertise in creating and managing experience cloud sites. Create and Manage Experience Cloud Sites certification validates an individual's skills and knowledge of Salesforce experience cloud, including building and customizing experience cloud sites, managing site content, and implementing advanced site features. ADX-271 exam is an excellent opportunity for individuals to showcase their abilities in the development of customer-facing websites and enhance their career prospects.

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Salesforce Create and Manage Experience Cloud Sites Sample Questions (Q11-Q16):

Universal Containers needs to roll out mobile access in their Community. Their Community environment is as follows:* Five active Communities* Four of the active Communities are built on the Napili template; one is built in a Visualforce/Tab container* Mobile device: Apple iPhone (i0S)What is the recommended method to ensure access of active Communities on a mobile device?

  • A. Access all Communities via Salesforce1 iOS app
  • B. Access four template -based Communities via Salesforce1 'OS app and Visualforce/Tab Community via mobile browser
  • C. Access all Communities via mobile browser using the Community URL
  • D. Access four template -based Communities via mobile browser and Visualforce/Tab community via Salesforce1 mobile browser app

Answer: D

Universal Containers launched their Community built on the Napili template. They would like to update the Community with Live Agent support and additional menu option for Assets. What is the most efficient way for a Salesforce Admin to roll out the new features?

  • A. Build a new Community with required features after testing in a Sandbox and deactivate the existing Community
  • B. Make changes to the existing Community after testing in a Sandbox and publish the Community when the changes are ready for customers.
  • C. Deactivate the Community to make changes to the Community and reactivate with changes after testing in a Sandbox
  • D. Create new Community profiles with the modified features and assign them to customers when the Community is ready for customers.

Answer: C

The Community adminstrator at Universal Containers has received reports from users about mnot being able to see each other in the People tab. However, users are able to view other's conversations within groups of which they are a part. Why are users unable to see each other in the People tab?
Select one or more of the following:

  • A. External users cannot view each other within Partner Communities
  • B. External users can only view each other if they are in the same Account
  • C. Users did not approve each others' Friend Requests within the Community
  • D. The Administrator has deselected Community User Visibility

Answer: D

Cloud Kicks (CK) is in the process of updating and retiring multiple Experience Cloud sites on its one org.
What should CK consider before taking action as it inactivates and brings on new sites?

  • A. Each org can have up to 100 Experience Cloud sites; active, preview, and inactive sites all count toward that limit.
  • B. Each org can have up to 100 Experience Cloud sites; preview sites count toward that limit but inactive sites do not.
  • C. Each org can have up to 100 Experience Cloud sites as long as they are active.
  • D. Each org can have up to 100 Experience Cloud sites; preview sites don't count toward that limit.

Answer: A

Universal Containers wants to build a Community for all their employees. Currently, some oftheir employees are NOT Salesforce users.How should the Salesforce Admin enable access to the Community for the users who are currentlyNOT Salesforce users?

  • A. Add the users to the Community as members.
  • B. Allow the users to self -register to the Community.
  • C. Create the users in Salesforce and add their profile to the Community.
  • D. Create the users as contacts and enable them as Community users.

Answer: D


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