1. What are Spider Veins?


Spider veins are very small clustered purple or red damaged blood vessels that have been dilated. Such types of veins are inflamed with stagnant blood. These veins are smaller in size than varicose veins. They are darker in color and can be noticed easily. It is so because such types of veins are located just under the skin surface.  Such conditions require spider vein treatment near me a vein clinic near me.




  1. Where else can my spider veins develop?


Sometimes they are noticed on the chest, legs, and legs as well. Mostly these veins are considered as a cosmetic problem but over time they can indicate serious vein disease deep beneath the surface.   


  1. What happens during my consultation?


  • The objective of the professional is to decide the seriousness of your condition. He/She will evaluate your present condition on the basis of medical history, your symptoms, concerns, and your queries. This will help determine the treatment method. 
  • You will be recommended a doppler ultrasound to determine vascular abnormalities.
  • Your vein doctor will perform a thorough examination and explain treatment recommendations. 
  • You can ask about payment options whether they are offering insurance coverage or discounts for the treatment.
  • When you decide to go through a certain type of treatment, your doctor will start pre-treatment procedures.

You may suffer from varicose veins that are bigger in size than spider veins. You will be required varicose vein treatment at vein clinics near me



  1. How do you determine the best treatment?


  • An ultrasound will help locate the path of blood flowing through the damaged veins. 
  • After the evaluation of the condition, you will be recommended the most suitable treatment method that can be sclerotherapy injections and Vnus Closure or a combo of two.  These varicose vein treatments near me produce effective results. 


  1. What is Sclerotherapy?


This method involves a sequence of injections that treats the vein from the inner side. This method lets the body redirect blood flow naturally to healthy veins. Make an appointment with the specialist at the veins clinic near me to gather more information about the treatment. 


  1. What is Vnus Closure?


This method is performed at the doctor’s office. After the treatment, you won’t need to stay in the hospital. This procedure reroutes blood flow through the healthy veins by using a Closure catheter into a vein. This method should be performed at veins clinics near me


  1. How to prevent spider veins?


People are advised to make certain changes in their lifestyles. These may include;


  • Wearing sunscreen:  The application of sunscreen regularly can help prevent the formation of spider veins, especially on the face. 


  • Have a healthy weight: This helps decrease pressure on the veins and maintains healthy blood flow. 


  • Wear compression hose: These special socks are recommended when there is already a family member who is suffering from spider or varicose veins.   


  • Be physically active: Don’t stand or sit for longer periods of time, walk around every thirty minutes.  
  • Avoid Tight Clothing: Avoid wearing too tight clothes around the waist, legs, or pelvis as the blood flow can be obstructed through them.
  • Avoiding the overuse of hot tubs and saunas: If you are used to being in hot tubs and saunas frequently, you should stop doing so as excessive heat can cause veins to swell. 
  • Rising the legs: Raising the legs when resting or sleeping can help maintain healthy blood flow through the veins. 


Other than that, maintain a healthy diet containing plenty of fiber in order to have healthy blood flow.  Visit vein clinic texas to know more. 

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