Tamanu oil Falabelle is a natural ingredient for skincare, but from there we will think that tamanu oil can only be used and is beneficial only for your beauty and skin. But you are wrong, tamanu oil has several other benefits beyond your skincare or skin beauty.

Some of the benefits of tamanu oil are beyond that, and not only can it be used for your facial area, there are many problematic areas that you can fix with this tamanu oil. Here are some of the benefits of tamanu oil in addition to your facial skin:


1. Wound Healer

Tamanu oil has cicatrization capabilities, what is cicatrization? Cicatrization is a unique ability to speed up wound healing, also known as wound healing. Tamanu oil has ingredients that can accelerate wound healing and create new skin tissue. The use of tamanu oil on wounds can also be a scar remover, not only to heal the wound.


2. Natural Eye Serum

Apart from its use for facial skin, tamanu oil can also be a serum for the skin on your eyes. If your eyes have problems with eye bags and also panda eyes. The skin that is thin in the eye area can be kept moisturized with fatty acids. Its use for serum on the eyes is also very easy, just apply tamanu oil to the under eye area, then smooth it out by massaging it gently and slowly.

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