Thermal Transfer Roll Labels are in much demand in the POS and retail industry these days. They are particularly used to create price tags, labels, bar codes, images, and also other diverse information. Thermal Transfer Roll Labels are made from thermal-transfer paper rather than direct thermal paper, which is also used in many businesses and industries. 

The main difference is in the technology used. Thermal transfer printers are used to print on these labels, while direct thermal printers are used to print on direct thermal paper. These labels can be easily peeled off their base and are available in various measurements and sizes. Printing on these labels is accomplished with the help of a thermal-transfer printer. 

This printer works by using heated pins in its print head to melt the ink in the ribbon that is transferred to the label. The label is treated with wax that prevents the ink from spreading so that it is absorbed immediately and set permanently into the label material. Thermal printing is advantageous because of its low maintenance costs and high speeds while printing. 

These rolls offer convenience and quality to retailers and other businesses and are usually standard-sized to fit the most popular thermal printers. If you are worried about getting your source of thermal-transfer paper, then relax. They are easily available at most local office supply stores. 

Nowadays, you can even purchase them on the Internet. By ordering from the Internet, you save time & there's the advantage of added convenience. So, you can shop faster & products are delivered to your preferred address within the specified period.

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