When the word “vanilla” strikes in the mind, we often relate it with cakes, ice-creams and chocolates. A common person believes that Vanilla beans are used for making any baked dishes sweet, aromatic and flavorful. But this is only one side of the coin. Did you know vanilla has magical therapeutic properties as well? Yes, you heard it right! Vanilla offers scores of health benefits to a person when consumed in bean or in any other form. So, let’s explore its benefits:

  1. Relieves Anxiety & Stress: Every kind of vanilla beans contains vanillin which has anti-depressant properties. So, when somebody drinks vanilla flavored water or mild, he feels relaxed and cheerful. The vanilla beans have soothing and pleasant smell, that’s why vanilla oil is used in aromatherapy to keep patients stress-free.
  2. Antioxidant Properties: Not only vanillin, vanilla beans contain several other compounds that are rich in antioxidant properties. These properties help in treating several diseases, which are outcome of internal cell damage due to free radical oxidation. The antioxidant properties even help in boosting immunity, repairing cell damage, etc.
  3. Treating Menstrual Problems: If you add vanilla in your diet on a regular basis, you can say a bid adieu to a number of problems related to menstruation (irregular menstrual cycle, pre-menstrual syndrome, pain, etc,). The reason is this is one spice that contains magnesium in higher quantities, which help in regulating the production of hormones enhancing the functioning of neurotransmitters.
  4. Aphrodisiac Properties: Any male or female, who is suffering from low libido should consume vanilla, which helps in enhancing sexual arousal. In males, application of vanilla essential oil on a regular basis even helps in increasing the testosterone levels and treating sexual problems like erectile dysfunction.
  5. Skin & Hair Benefits- Did you know many cosmetic companies have started introducing vanilla in their range of beauty and hair care products. The reason is vanilla helps in making skin more beautiful. Similarly, many shampoos contain vanilla extract as studies show that vanilla helps in improving hair texture and even reduces hair fall problem.

So, do you really need any other reason to include vanilla beans in your diet? If no, then purchase these beans online at affordable rates today only.