This is due to the low amount of NBA 2K22 MT Coins next-generation technology which will be put in homes. "I believe there is always an intersection of taking the time to ensure the title is amazing and also be aware of what the base that's installed looks as," says Zelnick. "The installed base will appear a bit smaller than it would be towards the end of calendar 2021."

Take-Two and other publishers will not expect next-gen consoles to be a significant part of their revenues any time soon. The reason is that their release schedules don't align with the PS5 or Xbox Series X. Zelnick is optimistic about the potential these systems will bring to the gaming market.

As with a lot of gamers but he also note that the size of Buy NBA 2K22 MT the hard drives on both systems could be lacking. Take-Two has so far not had much excitement about cloud gaming. This could pose a problem for the company as well as its customers.