Getting vein treatment is not as bad as it sounds sometimes. Before going to have any kind of treatment, it is very important to have a positive attitude towards it in order to get positive results. 


First, look for a doctor or specialist who is highly skilled in treating venous insufficiency properly. Always be sure, the vein doctor near me is certified by the American Board Of phlebology. 


Moreover, you can browse a vein specialist li website to gather information about him/her and customer reviews to determine that he/she is the right choice for you. Since there are various types of venous disorders treatments, you can get confused about which one will suit your vein problem. 


So, it is important to consult with your vein specialist near me so that you can determine the appropriate treatment for you. Your vein specialist will perform some tests to locate the actual position of diseased veins and the root cause of them. He/She may prescribe ultrasound tests to have a precise diagnosis of your problem.  



Treatment Options:


Your vein doctor lindenhurst will guide you about the procedure first, and tell you everything you need to know.  You can ask any questions about the procedure to clear your doubts if you have any.


Here are a few common treatment options for you to consider:


Vein ligation and stripping: 


It is the traditional form of treatment for varicose veins. This is an invasive procedure that can be expensive and may leave scars behind. It is conducted under the administration of general anesthesia. You may need to stay in the hospital until recovery. 




Another form of treatment is Sclerotherapy. This procedure includes injecting a solution into the veins making vein walls weak, inflamed, and stick together to be closed. Sclerotherapy is relatively less effective on bigger veins but very useful to treat small veins. 



EVLT(Endovenous Laser Treatment): 


It is one of the advanced methods that are designed to treat severe varicose veins. The EVLT procedure is a preferred method that combines the effectiveness of surgery along with the minimally invasive quality. It is quite a safe in-office procedure that involves fewer injections. A vein specialist lindenhurst may administer you local anesthesia that offers a quick recovery time. 


Catheter-assisted procedures using radiofrequency or laser energy. 


During these procedures, the vein doctor Jericho passes a thin tube i.e catheter into a stretched vein and heats the head of the catheter utilizing either radiofrequency or laser energy. When the tube is drawn out, the heat destructs the veins making them collapse and seal shut. This process is a great treatment option for larger varicose veins. 


Ambulatory phlebectomy: 


Your vein specialist Jericho eliminates smaller varicose veins via a sequence of tiny skin punctures. You may feel slight pricks on your legs. Moreover, he/she can numb the affected area to perform the procedure so that you can’t feel any pain or discomfort during the procedure.


Endoscopic vein surgery: 


Thi treatment may be considered only in advanced cases such as leg ulcers if other techniques fail. The surgeon may pass a thin camera through the affected area in your leg to get a closer view of the varicose veins. After detecting the actual position, he/she eliminates the veins through the small incisions. It is an outpatient procedure and should be performed by a vein doctor near Jericho.


Choose a treatment only after the consultation of a vein specialist.  


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