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All about Living in a Campervan!
Imagine about to explore a new place with an open road, if you thought traveling in a campervan brings a heave of itchy feet and hands to be at the steering wheel. Living in the campervan may be your next perfect adventure. Here is everything you need to consider before you rent a Campervan Picton.
  • Your Current Driving License: To drive legally a campervan, you need a legal driving license that is up-to-date. If you have not printed your driving license in English then you will need to translate officially at your governing body into English. Be sure to check the type of vehicles for which your license is valid.
  • Plan a Route To Avoid Unsealed Roads: There are lots of gravel roads to explore. Most of the rental campervan companies in Picton do not allow driving on the unsealed roads at all. The reason behind this strict policy is your safety. These roads always pose a risk of breaking down. It means you can get stuck and have to pay for the damage. So, it’s better to avoid this and find a way to get yourself and the vehicle back to civilization.
  • Take Care Not To Damage Underbody and the Roof of the Vehicle: Keep in mind you have to return this rented campervan, exactly the same in the condition you received it. You need to be extra careful while driving a campervan. If you damage the roof and underbody, they are usually not covered. It means the entire expense will come out of your pocket.
  • Ready for Toll Roads: You need to prepare for the several toll roads throughout the country. As it is common around capital cities. You need to pay cash on toll booths and not all of them accept the digital payment method. If you fail to pay the toll there is a fine to be charged and your rental company will charge an additional fee.
  • Size & Layout of the Campervan: Firstly, you need to shortlist a few companies Campervan Hire Picton NZ. Then the next thing is to decide which vehicle is fitted to your needs. You can look for the features, layout, and size of the vehicle on the company’s website. It is easy for you to select which one is the best for you.
  • Watch Out For Exchange Rates Fluctuation: There is a fluctuation in the exchange rates in between dollars and in your own currency. It means that you are smart about the timing you are booking and are able to save money as much as you can.
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