Usually, Varicose veins or Spider veins develop in the cluster form near the affected area near the outer surface of the skin. You can actually notice them. The size of varicose can be small or very big. In such cases get varicose vein treatment near me.  


It is impossible to treat varicose veins permanently but they can be eliminated successfully. Mainly, the focus of the veins treatment Paramus is to get rid of the pain that occurs due to vein problems. Although, you ease their symptoms successfully. 



There are various modern vein treatments at woodland park to cure varicose veins. One of the most popular is sclerotherapy. This medical process comprises the usage of injections with the saline solution into the affected vein. This process makes the veins collapse and fades away eventually.  But there is no guarantee that varicose veins won’t grow again as they are reversible in nature.  You can consult a vein doctor near me NJ before considering any major changes in your daily diet. 


Furthermore, you can avoid certain kinds of foods in order to avoid the aggravation of spider or varicose veins otherwise you are at the risk of developing them. Regular diet plays a major role in venous insufficiency.  What kind of foods you must avoid preventing the formation of varicose or spider veins are discussed below:


Refined Flour And Grains:


Fiber plays a very crucial role in vein wall formation. It plays a vital role in proper blood circulation in the body. Generally, non-refined grains are considered favorable food for varicose vein growth. Moreover, refined grains have most of their fiber removed from them to get a finer texture. Foods including refined pasta, white rice, and whatever is made with white should be avoided. You can also consult vein doctor Paramus to avoid the severe stage of varicose veins. 




Processed grains act exactly like sugar in the bloodstream. Surprisingly, this is one of the important reasons why it is listed in must avoided food items. If you ingest high refined sugar not only it will cause you obesity but can arise several health complications. Also, refined sugar contains less fiber, as a result, you can suffer from constipation.  


High Sodium Foods:


Ingestion of an additional amount of sodium can result in more retention of water in the body. The reason behind this is that it can reduce the concentration in the cells that may increase the amount of blood flowing inside the veins. This extra amount of blood puts more pressure on the vein walls causing them too weak and leading to the growth of varicose veins. 




Excessive ingestion of alcohol may lead to the release of high levels of insulin. For example, foods that are high in carbohydrates. Excess consumption of alcohol may result in venous disorder. Moreover, when the level of insulin in the body is high, it becomes difficult to eliminate sodium from the body. This can cause an increased amount of water in the body. Alcohol also impacts the blood flow in the body as it may affect the liver’s function directly. When the liver is no longer able to remove toxins and wastes from the body, the liver becomes thicker and more viscous making the vein walls weaker.   



Salted Foods:


Salted foods contain greater amounts of salt that can cause varicose vein conditions to worsen. 


Green Vegetables:


Vitamin K is responsible for blood clotting. When there is an extra amount of vitamin K in the body, it causes the blood to become thick and makes it difficult to flow the blood in different parts of the body.  Some of the green vegetables that must be avoided are kale, spinach, collard, and cauliflowers. 

Since obesity is one of the major causes of the growth of the varicose veins, the above-mentioned food should be avoided in order to lose weight and prevent varicose veins. 


Soy Sauce:


If you want a healthy vascular system, it is very essential to balance potassium levels. In order to balance potassium levels in the body, you must limit the ingestion of soy sauce or exclude it from your daily diet completely.  


Other items include:


  • Tropical Fruits
  • Fruit Juice
  • Whole Milk, etc. 


When you avoid these food items, you will be able to avoid the growth of varicose or spider veins. 


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