1inch clone script is nothing but the exact replica of the 1inch exchange with added features and special functionalities. It works based on the smart contract that facilitates effective trading. It helps you transfer your crypto assets in simple mode. The 1inch clone script uses Ethereum standard token of ERC-20 tokens. To be clear, 1inch clone script is a decentralized exchange platform that runs on the ethereum blockchain.

Features of 1inch clone script:

A 1inch clone script is developed with notable smart features. Let us have a quick look at it..

  • Hassle free trading with increased liquidity
  • Due to layer 2 solution rolled out, reduced gas fee
  • Entire rights of the token to the token holder itself.
  • No KYC needed, just integrate your wallet with 1inch clone address
  • Highly secure

Wallet that supported by 1inch clone script:

  • Formatic
  • Wallet Link.
  • Portis.
  • Metamask.
  • Trust wallet.
  • Bitski.
  • Ledger.
  • Wallet Connect.
  • Torus.
  • Unilogin.
  • Authereum.

Where to get the 1inch clone script?

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