It's been proven to be OSRS GP effective. Without updates like this runescape would die, not only from a gaming perspective however from a commercial point view. Jagex, at its core is a business. It has to pay its employees as well as pay taxes, and turn a profit. Jagex could soon lose its advantage if they don't keep the runescape at the standard.

It is essential to be able to keep pace and flexible in all aspects of life. Technology makes this more crucial. Although you might argue that human beings have become the dominant species due to altering their environment, it's actually quite the opposite.

While I don't know your age take a look back at the past 20 years and see how technology has changed throughout the decades. VCRs, CDs, touchscreens, DVDs and other devices for interfacing have all assisted us in learning to adapt. Technology is where gaming has a hard time and adapting is crucial for gamers. You would prefer Runescape to keep up with its competitors and survive for a long time. However, if you adopt the backwards attitude that "no major updates cos they don't like our game", runescape will slowly fade away.

EoC isn't really the issue. It's more clicking to get the same result The highlight is being allowed to wait for emotes to be queued. WoW has more than 80 keys. A minigame is involved in improving DPS and learning new PvP tactics. Although I'm not a fan of mind-controlling foes from cliffs, it is something I like.

How EoC was old school runescape gold born is the issue. And it's birth is exactly similar to SoF, Solomon, etc. This is the way it was forced upon players. Recently an Jmod posted about a poster who had posted bugs in BA. It was great constructive feedback. Later posters remarked that all these bugs had been found and sent to Jagex in the beta, yet they still made it into the live version.