If you are looking for a way to feel happier. I would like to share with you this online game: fireboy and watergirl
Prepare yourself for an exciting adventure in the mystical world of Fireboy and Watergirl. Deadly traps and fascinating puzzles are waiting for you!

In Fireboy and Watergirl: The Forest Temple, two elemental friends will have to uncover the mysteries of an ancient temple deep in the forbidden forest. The goal of the player is to help them overcome the challenges to survive and escape the dangerous forest. Remember, the two elemental friends will have different abilities and flaws: Fireboy can go through lava pools and other fire traps with no problem. But he will be extinguished and die if he tries to walk through a puddle. The same applies to Watergirl, and in particular, let's keep the two of them away from the deadly rust zone, or you'll lose instantly. Besides, players can also collect gems on the roads to complete the levels. This game will have 32 challenging levels, many deadly traps, and difficult puzzles. Look out for "dangerous" locations or areas with deadly green rust. These obstacles can be anything from a goo pit to a laser beam or a stuck door.