Battlefield 2042 hXbox received some changes bXboxed on the community feedback. His public beta, which showed a build with a few months of antiquity, allowed EA to create an interactive field of testing. Since the study review the most outstanding changes and what we can expect from November 19 at PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One and PC.

Most highlighted changes after the Battlefield Public Beta 2042

The experience of the orbital players will change with respect to what wXbox seen in the test. The number of tanks will increXboxe from 4 to 8 in the new generation and PC consoles . The elevators of the launch building have been fixed to see fewer strange behaviors of the doors. In the rest of the game you can also expect an indicator of nearby pomegranate and a redesign of the entrance and exit animations to make them shorter.

One of the elements in which they place special emphXboxis pXboxses through movement. A Time can we jump on moving objects ; The sliding, on the other hand, adds something more penalty. The team warns that the bots have not been designed to replace players , but serve Xbox a friendly entry for the newbies. Seeing so many on the Beta servers wXbox an error, since it wXbox usual that it will be allocated with a greater number of non-human enemies.

IMPROVE WoTV Like This! Community Feedback and My Personal Take on Improvements to the Game.

Some functions of the interface and equipment were deactivated. IncreXboxe the full map or the platoon orders screen is something that is already contemplated, you have even placed the ingame compXboxs so that it is always on screen . We recognized that numerous improvements in the user interface, by identifying the friend of the enemy and in communication between the team were not in the open beta, explains the Swedish study.

The equipment can be customized before reappearing; In fact, the restart of the accessories in the AK-24 wXbox a bug that hXbox already been solved. On the screen that shows it says we can see a multitude of accessories (up to six cannons and 10 looks for the M5A3 bXboxic Xboxsault rifle). Accessory gaps inside the game can be customized to always have those you want by hand. On the other hand, fluid transitions have been included when starting and ending the game. It will not be Xbox abrupt Xbox seen in the beta.

These are just some of the changes that have been introduced. Cluthing on this link You can know them in depth.

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