Getting the dentures broken, chipped, or fractured is inevitably just a matter of time. They are bound to get broken at some point in time, the problem though is that it mostly happens at the most inconvenient moments. Having broken dentures could cause a lot of inconvenience to the user, that is why there are so many do-it-yourself repair dentures near me kits available in the market which enables one to repair broken dentures without having to visit the emergency dentist near me for complete denture dental repairs or partial denture repairs. Though the claims of these do-it-yourself repair dentures kits say that they could make the broken dentures as good as new, still most of the time it is better to let the experts do that for you.



When a patient loses all his teeth to some accident or infection, a full denture is placed for them whereas when a patient loses some of his teeth, a partial denture is placed for them. The problem with the partial dentures is that it calls for the healthy teeth to be strong enough to support the dentures, which some of the time is provided externally by going through preliminary dental repairs and works to strengthen and prepare the remaining healthy teeth before the fittings are done.

There are several methods for fixing broken or chipped dentures.


3 Ways of Fixing!

  • Complete replacement with expert help:

When one or more than one tooth gets damaged beyond repair, due to any sort of infection or accident the only resort comes down to complete replacement. Though the removal and replacement could turn out to be very expensive and so most of the time it is considered to be the last resort.


  • Do-it-yourself repair dentures:


The fact is that the minor dental repairs could easily be handled with simple do-it-yourself kits to repair broken dentures that are available in the market at almost all the medical shops. The main concept behind doing so is saving the extra bucks that it might cost the user if he chooses otherwise for such minor dental repairs.


  • Filing down:

Most of the time the minor chippings that are not much visible, could just be managed with a little filing down. Chippings of the teeth might not be visible as such, but the problem arises when the sharp points get noticed on the tongue. Filing down is the most inexpensive way of dental repairs for complete dentures or partial denture repairs.



Most of the time the complete or partial denture repairs that are done to repair broken dentures are handled by the experts for the simple reason that they have the capacity of making it perfect and wearable when they are done with the repairs. The partial denture repairs done at home might not be that perfectly done and might cause further damage to the dentures. Expert help to repair broken dentures or repair dentures might not be necessary, but are always advisable.


How much are dentures broken repairing cost? 

The normal range starts of dentures broken repairing from $110 to $190. Further, the cost will depend on the repair and procedure. 


Hence, it is very important to have the Emergency Dentist for all your dental problems. So for booking an appointment or want to know more about us, then visit our website


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