It is suggested to practice hull cleaning service often for better ship’s performance. When you avoid cleaning the bottom, you likely end up with an ecosystem or marine pests living under there. It is important to conduct maintenance and cleaning program of boat regular. Ship repair and maintenance services company provides different services for a different part of the ship like for the hull cleaning they conduct hull cleaning services underwater or over the dry-dock, for propeller they offer propeller polishing underwater or over the dry and they also practise inspection underwater. Underwater hull cleaning is a dangerous job if your boat is moored in a busy marina.


Different methods for hull cleaning are-

  • Boat Hull Scraper Method
  • Hull Rotary Method
  • C Pole Hull Cleaning Method
  • Hull Rotary Machine Method
  • Pressure/Gravitational Washer Method


Effects of the uncleaned hull of a ship


You can maintain the cleanliness of the hull without spending a penny on a cleaning diver or hire staff by following some easy ways. Marine pollutants like dirt, barnacles and seaweed always impact the boat negatively.

Here are some of the negative effect of unmaintained hull people fails to consider.

  • Slow down the boat’s speed
  • Overheat the engine
  • Damage to the navigation equipment



Underwater hull cleaner tools


Different cleaning tools to tackle hull cleaning

  • Boat Hull Scraper
  • Rotary Brusher
  • Pressure washers
  • Microfibre towels
  • Boat Bottom Cleaning Pads/Gloves 

These tools are affordable, time-saving and easy to use. 



Summary of hull cleaning in the water


The different methods charge a different amount for cleaning a boat hull in the water.

Let’s take a look at the prices of different methods.




Boat Scraper


Rotary Brush System


Microfibre Towels


Cleaning Pads/Gloves


Pressure/Gravitational Hull Cleaner


Services charges mentioned below may differs-

Hire a Diver

$200-$1000(depends on boat size)

Hiring a boat hull cleaning business

$10-$50 per foot



Advantage of hull cleaning services


Following are the advantages of cleaning a boat hull regularly-

  • Rise the speedand improves performance of your ships
  • LessenCO2 emissionsfrom gases
  • Save around 7 and 30%on fuel consumption
  • Diving is not compulsory to clean flat bottom and/or vertical sides.
  • Reduction in the risk of native species (NIS) transmission to the local marine environment
  • Safety and expertise
  • Collection and discarding of marine growth
  • Can be completed during cargo operations, at berths and layby dolphin buoys



The impact of biofouling growth on the ship hull.


Hull adds weight and drag to the boat when there is the growth of marine flora and fauna. The micro-organisms like algae get attach themselves loosely to the surface and eventually they become stronger in no time. They end up forming a green slime that acts as a magnet for larger organisms such as bacteria and larvae to the surface that is considered as a wonderful source of food for much larger things such as barnacles and tubeworms. When fouling gets accumulated it results in loss of 2-3 knots of top speed over the course of the season, reduction in efficiency of the ship is also experienced. The fouling impacts the hull of a vessel that ultimately affect the vessel’s performance and appearance. 



The best solution for hull cleaning


To stop fouling the best way is to remove your boat from the water when it is of no use. If the stays in the water, there are various things that can be done like one can practice the traditional method of applying antifouling paint. Soft paints are used to reveal a new and fresh layer that tends to work if the boat moves reasonably often. For moderate fouling areas, harder paints with copper can work. But sometimes, when fouling accumulates to a great extent, the only option available is to hire a professional ship repair and maintenance service company to conduct the hull cleaning method. Ship repair and maintenance service company provides trained staff and updated technology and equipment to conduct the hull cleaning method.




The article explains everything about the hull cleaning method. It includes all the important topics from why a ship requires hull cleaning, what are the important tools, what are the different methods, its pricing and all its advantages.