[Koheung Narowu Center = Co-Certificate] For Nuri Launch, 250 people suffered more than 250 employees such as antagonism. About 500 people joined to participate companies. Nuri Launched Dewa has come. I am looking forward to doing my best. As the truth is a saying, he is looking forward to the will of heaven.

The director of the launch of the launch of the launch of the launch of the Korean Aerospace Research Institute of Osung, Korea, explains the preparation of the 20th, which is ahead of Nuri launches on the 21st, and said about the testimony of launching.

The other developed countries are about 20 to 30%, said the first launch success rate is 20 ~ 30%, he said, I will try to overcome difficulties and try to success.

Tomorrow s progress is the last process of the flight test, he said, The launch of the launched will not end in the ground test, but the final confirmation that the satellite can be shot through the flight.

Even if you do not place satellites on the desired speed and orbit from the beginning, you will not be a few income to be a little income if you have a step-by-step result.

Anti-yeon launched Naro Launches in 2010 and at the same time. On the end of Nurihi development, which has been held for about 11 years, it will make a 21-day deletion. The launch corresponds to the first of the planned second launch.

In the first firing, only 1.5 tons of satellite simulations are loaded instead of the actual satellite. Nuriki is a rocket for low orbit satellites, and it will take over 900 to 900 ranging from the goal to the 600-800km section. In 20 tons of gas weight, it is a total of 200 tonnes when combined with fuel weight.

Moving · Started at 7 am ... Delays than planning for technical check

According to antagonism, Nuri Launcher movement and preparation are started at 7:00, and technical inspection will lead to 8 pm.

The Nuri Launcher has been assembled after all assembly was completed in the launch of the launch of the Launches in the Launches in the National Center in Naro, Kwangnam-do. The exhausted transport was carried out to 1.8 km away from 1.5 km away. A person walks. The launch of the launch will take 10 minutes to a 10-minute delay, 10 minutes, and arrived at the Second Land of Nation.

From 7 am to 7 am, the launch of the launch will start ready to move, the process was carried out, and the process was carried out. The standing process is expected to be 10-15 minutes, but after it was completely established, the mechanical connection and electrical check on the launching element fixing device are taught by one hour. The completely fixed time to the launcher was 11:33 am.

After standing, the technical check will lead to 8 pm. From noon time, an electrical technical inspection for performing the launch of the launching device function was introduced. Electronic equipment, valves, etc., have been checked for an hour to which it operates normally. These courses are being delayed per hour than the original.

I practiced a lot of practice, but it is a real-flight model, and I was aimed at the treasure, and I was delayed a hour than the original plan.

At a pm, 4 am, a function check for a tracking vector device that controls the posture of the launching body. Through a total of five layers, the work will be conducted through 8 o clock to ensure that the electricity supply and pulmonary pressure is reached through this. Fuel and oxidizing agents are filled tomorrow.

We use a liquid fuel consisting of 1,2,3 units , and Nurih, said Nuri, said Nuri, said Nuri, said Nuri, I explained that the oxidant fuel is filled with each stage after establishing it.

The launch time is between 3 and 7 pm on the 21st, and 4 o clock is strong. We determine the correct time considering the vapor phase, the universe avoidance possibility, considering the possibility of comprehensive.

The 21st launch process is officially starting from 10:00. Start the work on the launch control command and check the electrical equipment, 170 species, and propulsion system system. When this operation is finished, it is the most timely liquid oxygen and fuel injection process. The fuel oxidizing agent weight is 180 tons. The launch begins for 2 hours. This operation shall be accompanied by a supply line or an oxidant tank cooling operation because it is done at least 183 degrees.

If all sequences functions are normal before the flying, run automatic Squake Pielo before launching. Increasing in this process, the last electronic equipment check, the functional valve of the oxidizing tank, and the pressure check will take place after the automatic sequence, and then take off after 10 minutes.

Launches will be held tomorrow for tomorrow, 3 to 7 o clock, and the expected weather and space object avoidance, and the unparalleled high-air analysis, not simply a terrestrial high-air analysis, said the launch, Tomorrow, the second-round conference is determined by the central conference.

Collaboration with the group and the day of the day of launch will be made on the radius of 3 km. The maritime cooperates with the navy and controls the 74km area with a total of 24 km wide in the center of the flight direction. The airspace control area is a cooperation with the Air Force, and the left and right flight directions 24 km from 48 km wide to 95 km.

Controls on a risk situation such as disaster, wildfire and explosion. Under cooperation with the relief agency, control is applied tomorrow to 10 am.

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