I have always had a deep admiration for people who had the courage and creativity to start their own businesses. When I finally decided to start mine, the worldwide shutdown occurred.

As if by fate, the same week, I got to watch a virtual presentation by the founders of CrowdPoint Technologies and I could not believe how much fun I had. I learned a lot about new digital technology in just a few hours. I felt my brain expanding, and also my heart. The dedication to humanity was coming at me from the screen like a tsunami. Nowhere else have I heard anyone so committed to creating a better world, protecting small and medium-sized businesses, creating well-paying jobs for regular people, and most importantly, defending our human right to privacy. I knew right away that I wanted to join the forming crowd of like-minded distributors and resellers cheering for this new business model.

Because my primary goal is helping others to reach their success, I call myself a MicroPreneur. As a MicroPreneur on the Advanced Medicine Marketplace, I get to earn income by introducing and reselling health products and services, while protecting the personal information of my customers.

With each purchase they make, I get to onboard them onto the Blockchain, so they can make and authorize their own digital identity. It is satisfying to know that my customers and I, both win. They get to learn and benefit from Advanced Medicine, and I get to build this new marketplace of the future with privacy protection for everyone.

In the meantime, our family of MicroPreneur distributors and resellers is expanding!

Would you like to claim your identity back, set yourself free? Your personal onboarding is free with every purchase."