Suffering from vein diseases and looking for vein treatment but got confused after looking at the various options. Then here is the article for you which will have you to know about each treatment with its pros and cons. 

Also, make sure that your vein issues should be treated asap because if you cause any delay then it would be severe for your health. Now it is very much essential to choose the doctor as well as the veins center near me


Let’s have a look at various options available for vein treatment. 


Vein Treatment Options!

For getting rid of your vein issues there are several options offered by the veins center san Diego. 

#1 Venaseal Treatment 

This is a Medtronic method that comes into existence for utilizing glue instead of heat to shut the veins which have been causing problems. This process is undertaken by the vein specialist through an ultrasound technique to mark a point. Then they will numb that area for the further process. 



  • A good option for veins that fail other techniques
  • Latest technology
  • Disperse for border impacts


Cons -

  • Leaves Solid implant on body 
  • A new method with long term effects 
  • Not compulsory to cover insurance
  • Most patients feel allergic 

#2 Sclerotherapy

It is a technique in which a medical irritant, called a sclerosant, is inserted into a vein to induce its failure. This would lead to shut your veins and make them smaller and lighter and this would increase your appearance. 



  • Immediate results 
  • Outperforms other spider vein treatments



  • The sclerosants dosage and dilution practice required medicine quality impacts results.
  • Training of ultrasound is given to locating veins. 


#3 Endovenous Ablation

The process uses energy to remove the diseased vein. The types of energy used in this method are laser and thermal, which can be delivered successfully into the deeper veins. 



  • More effective than vein stripping
  • No hospital stay and local anesthesia 
  • Safe and best than surgery



  • Unskilled experts may cause discomfort and damage to your veins 
  • It needs an skillful hands 
  • Different machines yield different results


#4 ClariVein 

This uses two processes to damage your varicose and spider veins. A catheter alarms vein walls first, by spinning to lessen the walls mechanically, and second, by releasing a sclerosant to prompt chemical damage. The result is stoppage of the unhealthy vein.



  • Absence of tumescent anesthesia reduces swelling
  • Less likely to cause allergic reaction than VenaSeal



  • Many insurance providers don’t cover it
  • Uncomfortable when performed by inexperienced doctors



#5  Vein Stripping 

This is the beginning when the leg is open with an incision, whereby vein doctor California uses various devices to pull and detach the vein.



  • For many patients, surgery is the best alternative.



  • Minimally invasive treatment is now favored for most patients.

Now all the options are here so do select the one which is favourable and comfortable for you. Along with this choose the vein centers san Jose for all of the above treatment in an effective manner.


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