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Food colours are standard in our everyday lives, and they may even be found in meals and drinks we wouldn’t anticipate. Food colours are added to food or drink to modify the hue to make it more palatable. Natural food colours, synthetic food colours, and mixed food colours are the three food colours. Any dye, pigment, or chemical that gives Colour when added to food and drink is a food colouring or colour additive. They are available in liquids, powders, gels, and pastes.

Colour is an essential aspect of any food item since it improves its attractiveness and acceptance. Although the world’s plant resources are vast, only a tiny portion has been used to yet. Natural colours are pretty susceptible to food processing processes.



Food Research Lab is a  global Contract Research and Development Food, Beverages & Nutraceutical Lab providing solutions to Food, Beverages and Nutraceuticals (F, B&N) industries worldwide.   In simple words, we are food and beverage consultants that can assist you in identifying which natural food colour is suitable for your product.


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