Powder-coating creates a flawless, durable finish to any metal or plastic surface. It comprises many compounds and pigments that are mixed, heated, & ground together to form a powder that resembles baking flour. This powder is then applied to the surface using a spray gun and a special process called electrostatic spray deposition. 

This means that an electrostatic charge is added to the powder. This charge aids the powder to adhere to the surface and create a stronger bond that is more resistant to damage. The surface is then cured to further strengthen the powder by creating longer molecular chains and increasing its durability.

The Benefits

Powder-coating has many benefits to offer over traditional liquid coatings. As mentioned, it creates stronger protection for the surface that is less likely to be chipped, broken, or damaged due to chemicals or debris. Also, it creates a uniform coating without runs or sags that may exist after a liquid coating. 

The application is also more likely to cover every nook and cranny of a complex shaped object, furthering the protection of the surface and the object's durability. This type of finish is also a green process meaning that it does not add to the waste and pollution of nature. The process saves any overspray, which can be reused on the same project, thus saving money as well because no spray is wasted.

What Can Be Powder-Coated?

Any plastic or metal surface can be powder coated. This includes machine parts, metal fences and patio furniture, plastic signs, and much, much more. Objects can be sprayed in any color or texture, such as clear, plain color, or metallic. The many options for powder-coating mean that you can create a signature logo or color scheme for your business that can be implemented throughout your business's location.

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