Death obsession
Who among us does not feel the fear of death, although fear in general is an innate thing, but sometimes fear may turn into another name, which is the obsession with fear of death, so you see its owner preoccupied all the time that at any moment he may die or be exposed to an event that loses his life, as These disturbing thoughts that may actually expose a person to death at any moment are considered obsessive and obsessive fear of death, which requires treatment quickly before eliminating his life.

Causes of obsessive death
The causes of this disease are due to biological reasons, where obsessive-compulsive disorder can be considered an organic disease with a complex composition, and the main reason for the occurrence of obsessive-compulsive disorder is the deficiency of serotonin, which in turn leads to a disorder in the mind through its failure to respond to the questions posed and to answer them, as it makes the mind questionable. Permanent questions that might be silly for a normal person.

Symptoms of death obsession
Exposure to breathing difficulties.
Fear and dread of things may be very simple.
fast heartbeat
Loss of self control.
Nausea and dizziness.
Dry mouth.
Introversion and loneliness.
Lack of sleep and insomnia from the intensity of thinking.

Death obsessive treatment
A person with an obsessive fear of death needs psychological and therapeutic sessions with a psychiatrist, and these sessions may take a long time depending on the nature of each person, as it differs from one person to another in terms of the extent of the development of this disease with the person, or how he deals with treatment, that is, the extent of his desire to recover From it, and some people may need medications and sedatives, but beware of some medications that can affect the functioning of the nerves in an unsafe way.


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