It is a misconception of many students that acquiring reading skills is an easy task. However, to master the active reading skills students have to go through a complex process along with the requirement of certain basic skills. Without having the basic set of skills you cannot master the reading skills in any of the cases. These skills help you to actively read the content and to meet the objectives of active reading.

Reading allows you to gather knowledge about the subject that you are reading about. Active reading skills are a challenge for the students because they do not know that this set of skills are required to develop active reading skills. Students should be guided with the right procedures and techniques to develop their reading skills in the best possible way.

There are many activities that students have to perform during the semester. Almost every activity requires reading skills at best. For every assignment, students have to collect relevant and reliable information from other sources. To collect the information students, have to actively read the information so that they can use the same in their essay writing while following the right procedures and techniques to be used. Many times, students cannot feel like reading a lot for their essay writing. Custom essay writing services can help students to get the top quality of essay writing. This help student to submit the assignment to secure high grades for the specific assignment.

Today we are going to discuss some of the basic skills and tips that are considered essential to develop effective reading skills.


Decoding is considered a basic skill to become an active reader. Decoding can be defined as an ability to sound the words that you do not know how to sound. Students start learning decoding from the very beginning of their primary education. It is a misconception of many people that recording is only about sounding each letter, however, it is more than that. The pattern of letters also matters a lot. Students need to understand the pattern of the letter if they want to sound the words correctly. Decoding can be defined as an ability to match the letter along with their sounds.


Fluency is one of the basic factors that can be developed through recognition of efforts including the words that you cannot sound. It helps to speed up the rate of understanding the text that you are reading. It also helps to experience irregular words. Students can read promptly without making any errors, are fluent in reading.

Students who are fluent in reading are good at pace. They sound the group of words in the right tone to understand the meaning in the best possible way. Recognizing the words is one of the worst hinders for struggling readers. I have seen many students struggling with readings fluently. However, you can be fluent in active reading by practicing through the right procedures.

Increased Vocabulary:

If you want to understand what exactly you are reading, you must understand the words that are used throughout the text. If you do not know the meaning of the words, the entire rating will be of no use. A strong vocabulary is one of the basic keys to active reading. There is no doubt that students can learn vocabulary with the right guidance, but the real experience is the right way to enhance the vocabulary significantly.

The more you are exposed to different content, the more you will be enhancing your vocabulary. I always advise students to try using new words throughout the daily conversation. Develop reading habits daily. It is because when you read aloud and stop at each word to define them, it helps you to increase your vocabulary effectively.

Construction Of Sentence:

It is right that sentence construction is a part of writing skills but it is also helpful for reading skills as well. When you get the idea of how to link up the sentence to get the right meaning, it helps you to connect the ideas throughout the writing. This is one of the reasons that students in their primary education are taught to construct sentences accordingly.

Knowledge Of The Background:

When you are reading a specific content you must have complete or enough knowledge about the background history of the selected topic. When you do not have historical information about the topic it would be difficult for you to understand the content regardless of nature. When you have enough knowledge about the content and history, it will help you to even take out information in between the lines.


You can indeed read for hours and still cannot get the knowledge or information that is required. To gain knowledge throughout the reading, it is essential to stay focused and attentive while you are reading. That is why it is called active reading instead of just reading the text.

I would advise students to develop their active reading habits if they want to get the required information from specific content.


Active reading is the basic requirement of every student. Without developing the reading skills no student can prosper throughout the program nor in the professional life. Students need to practice their reading skills. Practicing reading is not the only thing, but practicing in the right way is what matters. Make sure that you practice active reading using the right and required procedures to get the desired results.