To make sure that the game is true to Mut 22 coins the real-life version of NFL there is EA Games will update Madden 22's roster every week. These updates do not only reveal changes in team lineups and player's stats based on their performance from the previous week. We're now on our fourth week and are getting a sense of the rhythm of when Madden 22 gets its weekly roster update. Let's find out what time Madden 22's Week 4 Roster Update will be:

Madden 22's weekly roster update has been coming out in a more consistent manner since we're into week 4. We're hoping Week 4's update will be up by the Thursday night game. The first one we received just in time for the season's opening pitch. The Week 2 update could be a one-off scenario, in that it didn't have to be an update to the roster so very soon after the 53-man roster update. Going forward, EA might consistently update the rosters weekly at midweek.

It's simple to update your rosters to make the changes. Follow our Madden 22 guide to learn how to update your Madden 22 rosters. It's that simple, you can do it in just minutes. But be sure to be connected to the internet before doing so, as it requires a connection to EA's servers, obviously.

Madden 22 Week 2 roster update live: Biggest overall changes

EA has updated the Madden 22 roster for Week 3 in order to cheap Madden 22 coins be in line with the performance of Week 2. This week's update didn't have any big surprises, however certain players received an increase in their ratings.