‘Rugpulling’ is an increasingly used scam wherein criminally-minded crypto developers target liquidity pools. These pools, provided by DEXs like  Uniswap, generate market liquidity and enable crypto investors to trade tokens while avoiding causing significant price fluctuations. Since they contain considerable funds, they are viewed as rich pickings for rugpull scammers.


The rugpull scam involves brand new tokens being launched and marketed aggressively. Once they have reached a significant investment level, the unscrupulous developers withdraw the tokens’ liquidity pool, leaving investors valueless tokens. 


To protect themselves against such fraudulent practices, investors have demanded liquidity locking, a defense that is becoming ever more popular lately. Liquidity locking protects investors, provides coins with legitimacy, and gives developers more credibility. 


Of course, there are downsides to liquidity locking, and these include its cost and complexity. To offset these, Unilocker is now offering a next-generation liquidity locker platform. 


The Unilocker platform is packed with quality features, and it is available at a lower cost than existing liquidity lockers. The time-lock contract offers you the ability to lock your liquidity, keeping it secure from instant withdrawals. The token developers used to earlier struggle while deciding the liquidity lock period and amount. No more that is a problem - using intuitive UI with one-click buttons and sliders, the period and amount selection are as easy as taking a breath.

Once locked, lock certificates are generated and can be shared with investors. This system provides investors with a significant level of confidence in their investments. 


Unilocker provides quality features and high confidence levels while maintaining affordable prices. The management of a lock is just as easy as locking it in the first place - you can extend, withdraw, increase, transfer locks - all in a matter of minutes. Visit https://unilocker.app today to know more.