Have you ever wanted to know how to make Japanese Tansu? If you haven't then you are about to learn a lot. What is a Japanese tansu, you ask? It is a decorative item that is created from rice paper decorated with Japanese motifs and designs. You will be absolutely amazed by the many wonderful designs and images this type of cabinet can create.

Japanese art has been around for centuries. The style and scenes used represent the rich culture of Japan. When artists draw the scenes, they first do not use an actual photograph. Instead, they will just make a small replica of what they envision as their inspiration. Many artists have taken this to a new level by actually reproducing an item or scene from an antique or piece of furniture from the late 19th century.

Japanese Tansu cabinets come in two basic styles. There is the primary one which is made of wood. This type of cabinet has beautiful wood drawers with lacquer finished. The lacquer gives it a shinier look than the primary one. This is a cheaper option and is usually cheaper than its counterparts. If you are on a tight budget however, this is a great choice.

Another style of Japanese tansu cabinet is made of metal. These cabinets have a smooth surface and are finished in metal. They have the same lacquer finish that the wooden cabinets have, but because metal doesn't show scratches as easily, the price is a little bit more. Metal sliding doors are very appealing and make a great addition to any kitchen.

Because of the growing demand for tansu cabinets in recent years, there has been an increased amount of designs and styles released over the years. One of the most popular is the chest style. These cabinets are simple, but provide an elegant appearance. There are Japanese versions of chest style cabinets available as well as modern iron hardware and cabinet pulls. You can also find a variety of different types of handle and drawer covers.

If you want a more utilitarian style then you can choose between modern and antique chests. Modern cabinets have clean lines and are often less decorative. Antique chests are very ornate and provide a focal point in a room. Whatever design or style you choose, tansu decorating should always begin with your plan and color palate.

The first step of any tansu project is to purchase the materials. These include thin boards and thin veneers. Japanese tansu cabinets are most commonly made out of oak or cherry, but there are cabinets made from many other types of wood and materials. Many people prefer the natural beauty of cherry or oak, while others prefer to use iron tones. You can purchase unfinished or prefinished wooden pieces at many home improvement stores.

After you have all of the necessary materials, you will need to purchase a few decorative accessories. Decorative touches can range from knick knacks to small statues. Decorating your Japanese furniture with various accessories is not only fun, but it can make your new decor reflect your unique personality. Some people like to use Japanese-themed mats which they lay underneath the tansu chests. Others like to place kimono skirts over their chairs, and there are many other variations of traditional and decorative touches.

Once you have your Japanese furniture and accessories, it is time to start on your project. First, decide whether you would like to build your cabinet from the ground up, or whether you would prefer to buy an existing piece and customize it. There are many options for those who wish to buy an already made antique cabinet. Those who are able to find an authentic cabinet often choose to customize it, adding their own special touches. Those who are unable to find an authentic antique cabinet will still be able to find great antique reproduction pieces, which are often much cheaper than an authentic cabinet.

As mentioned earlier, one of the best ways to achieve the rich, complex, and elegant style of Japanese tansu is to utilize antique reproductions. Whether you are purchasing a new or an antique reproduction, you can rest assured that the resulting piece will have similar characteristics to that of an authentic antique. Most antique reproductions are actually quite close in style to the genuine article, allowing those who view it the best opportunity to obtain a true Japanese appearance. This is especially important with those antique chest pieces, which are often much more difficult to locate, as they are normally mass produced.

To ensure that your Japanese collection will be authentic, it is important to purchase your wood products from reputable companies. It is also important to pay particular attention to the quality of the wood and the craftsmanship that went into making the item. With the rising popularity of Japanese teak, it is not hard to find a number of companies that offer reproductions of genuine Japanese chests. Whether you are interested in a traditional, contemporary, or affordable chest, there will be something that will fit your tastes. Whether you are interested in Japanese Tansu for sale, or simply looking for a great way to add an elegant touch to any room in your home, it is easy to find the right chest at the right price.