One of the earliest types of kerosene lamps, also known as lamp posts, were made of cast iron. They featured metal cones covered in paint or varnish. They were primarily used to provide a source of illumination. Today, the various types of kerosene lamps used for home decorating like glass kerosene lamps or hanging kerosene lamps which features the same characteristics, but have been adapted for use in places other than the home. Here's a representative sample of some of the types of antique kerosene lamps that are still in use today:

Types of Oil Lamps :

There are three types of kerosene lamps that are still in wide use today. You'll notice that all three are oil filled. Oil-filled lamps were the most common forms of kerosene lamps, as they had a great burn time and didn't require a flame for burning. Modern day oil lamps often feature a special burner that produces radiant heat for illuminating a room. This is similar to the way an electric bulb works.

The three types of kerosene lamps that are still in use today are the cast iron lamp, the aladdin mantle lamp, and the glass shades and sconces. All three of these styles of lamps have distinct shapes and designs. They were used in both homes and offices for their ability to light large rooms without causing a great deal of dust or mess. Glass shades and sconces on the other hand, emitted a soft glow that was perfect for the task that it was intended for.

Cast Iron Kerosene Lamps

Cast Iron Kerosene Lamps: One of the most common types of kerosene lamps was the cast iron design. This design was created specifically for use in homes, because it has a very high burn time. This lamp often had a handle so that it could be carried from place to place. They were also made with beautiful carvings on the body. This style of lantern is often referred to as a Tiffany lantern.

Aladdin Mantle Lamps

Aladdin Mantle Lamps: The Aladdin mantle was a popular choice among early oil-burners. They had adjustable shutters that would allow them to adjust the amount of light that emitted from the lamp. It was a highly prized item and was widely used in houses, offices, and temples throughout the ancient Middle East. This type of kerosene lamp is often referred to as a genie lamp because of its magical qualities. However, this lamp has also been proven to cause many serious eye problems and should be properly stored when not in use.

Kerosene Sticks

Kerosene Sticks: Another type of kerosene lamp was the stick style lamp. These lamps often had open ends that allowed you to insert cotton wicks or other types of fuel into the middle. You could then light the wick through the center of the stick. These kerosene lamps have been widely used by early settlers in North America.

Kerosene Candles

Kerosene Candles: These types of kerosene lamps are very popular in collector's items and for display purposes at home. These candles were made for the purpose of lighting homes when gas lamps were not available. Today, these antique oil lamps are still quite popular for those who enjoy the antique appearance of the products as well as the flame that burns brightly. Many people collect antique oil lamps from their loved ones or as a unique item that can be displayed in their home. These antique oil lamps look beautiful burning, and you can find a variety of styles to suit any room in your home.

Home Decor with Antique & Vintage Kerosene Lamps

Decorating with Antique Kerosene Lamps is a great way to give your home a warm, rustic charm. Vintage Kerosene lamps are also popular collectible items that can fetch a hefty price tag if you find an original, undercoated lantern in good condition. Whatever room in your home you decide to decorate, these lighters can provide hours of pleasure while providing warmth. Whether you are decorating your home for an "old" look or a contemporary one, there is a Kerosene Lamp that will fit your style.