Bengali Brahmin marriages are traditionally conducted with elaborate rituals and customs. It is important in Bengali culture to keep the marriage within the Bengali Brahmin community as it is believed that such a union will bring good luck and prosperity. The groom's family usually makes arrangements for the wedding venue and other arrangements, while the bride's family arranges for her trousseau. The Bengali Brahmin marriage necessitates many pre-wedding ceremonies like engagement, sangeet, mehendi, haldi etc., followed by the main ceremony on the wedding day. During these events, a variety of traditional rituals are performed which involve music, dance, feasting etc. After the main ceremony is complete, there are post-wedding rituals like the Bengali reception and Bengali Bhog which are conducted with great enthusiasm. Bengali Brahmin marriages are also known to be enriched by blessings from religious figures, sometimes accompanied with traditional Bengali songs. The Bengalis take great pride in carrying out their weddings in a grand manner to honour the couple's union.

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