Narmada Motors exporting genuine spare parts for TATA, Ashok Leyland, AMW, MAN, Eicher and Volvo spare parts to various construction and mining companies in places like UAE and India etc.

Expansion to providing spare parts to Construction Firms,we likewise supply spare parts to different Retail and Wholesale outlets across India and Outside it like South Africa,Kenya,Ghana,Bangladesh and all.The different vehicles in which we are right now providing spare parts are Tata Tata Spare parts in UAE

Sumo,Victa,Indigo,Indica,Nano,Safari,Sumo Gold,Ford Figo,Mahindra Bolero,Tata Ace, 207 DI RX and Ex,Tata Xenon,Tata Super ACE,Tata Winger ,Tata 407 ,Tata 709 ,Tata 712,Tata 909,Tata 912EX BSII,Tata 1109EX,Tata 1112 ,Tata 1510 bus,Tata 1512 bus,Tata 1612 truck,Tata 1613 trucks,Tata 1616 tippers,Tata 1618 bus,Tata 2515 trucks,Tata 2516 tippers/hyva,Tata 2518 hyva',Tata 2518 trucks,Tata 2518 HD tippers,Tata 3118 trucks,Tata 3118 tippers,Tata 3516 trailer,Tata 4018 trailer,Tata 4928 trailer,Tata 2523 Novus,Ashok Leyland Ashok Leyland buses,Ashok Leyland Viking ,Ashok Leyland HAULAGE,Ashok Leyland tippers,Ashok Leyland trailer,Ashok Leyland trucks ,AMW transport and tipperss,Ashok Leyland Eicher buses,Ashok Leyland truckss,Ashok Leyland trailer ,Ashok Leyland Spare Parts.

All inclusive resource for all Spare Parts Requirements.

Narmada Motors has been one of the main Spare Parts Supplier firm in Indian Market .Situated in Northern Part of India,we have our dispersion focuses spread ed all over India however which we have served practically all the Major or Minor Construction, Mining, Fleeting and Transportation firm of India.

Managing in the extra pieces of practically all the Construction, Mining ,Fleeting and Transporting related vehicles and hardware going from Trucks, Buses ,Trailers, Tippers, Mixer Plants ,Generators ,Loaders, Pavers ,Millers ,Excavators for right around twenty years. We have acquired trust of different prestigious Construction, Mining, Fleeting and Transportation related Firms .Addition to that we have demonstrated our value by providing spare parts to different Ventures as well. Spare parts catalog in India

Our customers incorporate Transportation Agencies, Fleet Owners of Cargo Vehicles, Road and Highway Construction Companies (having Tippers,Trailers, Trans Axle Mixers, Excavators, Mixers, and Dumpers), Retail and Wholesale Outlets associated with selling of extra pieces of vehicles, Relief Vehicle Fleet of Governmental Agencies, Ambulance Fleets of Tata Winger and Many More. We have fostered a helpful Credit and Supply instrument which suits a large portion of such firms' .Various Brands have granted us as their best Sale Point of their Product in our Region.

We are right now managing in spare parts for all sort of business and noncommercial vehicle producers (Both Indian and Foreign )like Tata Motors ,Ashok Leyland, MAN, Mahindra, AMW , Eicher , Volvo , ISUZU, Dialmer ,Mercedes ,Komatsu ,L&T ,ACE ,Hydra ,Escort ,Hitachi ,Renault ,Cummins ,Kirloskar ,Hyundai ,Mercedes and so on We have stocks for every single extra parts barring Tires and Batteries for these brands and their models.

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