Preparing for the aws course is very different from what you do in school or college. We don’t focus on remembering. However, a project management structure matching the PMBOK SME best practice guide for understanding the concept (now the fifth edition in July 2021).

Most of the people I meet have heard about AWS course from friends and colleagues. I am interested in getting a professional degree in project management.

However, most of them have no experience in project management. Most of them worked on small projects. Maybe I haven’t been a project manager in a long time, I’ve already written about the terms of the aws course.

In addition, they may have limited knowledge in all areas of project management. Surprisingly, the mortality rate of newcomers to the PRINCE2 Agile exam is very high, as it is not absolutely necessary for small daily projects.

Therefore, a special program is required to prepare for the Prince2 agile. It is practical, timely and achievable. No good game plan. You can work hard. Or am I tired on the road.