There is a quote by Shakespeare - “Pen is mightier than the sword”. But the pen itself is not enough to produce a quality writing, it requires to have a knowledge about the thing you are going to write and the creativity of how to write it. That is why we bring to you our essay writing services to get you to the position where you want to be; be it clearing your written assessments or be the next Shakespeare. We have it all with our quality and affordable services custom designed just for you. Essays are generally the informative piece of writing that talks about a subject that can be anything related to daily happenings in the world, author’s view in a particular book or specific topics of the subject you are studying. It is generally short and the content should be precise. There is no as such format for the essay writing but our essay writing service experts suggests to follow a certain format, which is bound to be impactful and will get you good scores as well. Essays need to be divided into 4-5 paragraphs, which depends on the requirements, so as to make the content readable.


The basic format followed by our experts is given down below:




First Paragraph - Introduction

Introduction is like presenting your essay to someone. You are in the situation to get your daughter married to some guy you really like and you definitely want your daughter to be happy plus there is a factor that he is rich. So, you will do everything possible to make your daughter to be pretty because it is said First impression is the last impression. Similarly, introduction is indeed the first impression of any content. Our essay help experts are focused on proofreading services  giving you the best essay that makes your readers jump out of their seats and run towards you not to chase but to follow you.

Second Paragraph - Body 1


Then comes the building part of your essay. The first body paragraph presents your strongest argument in favour of the topic you are allotted or have chosen. This paragraph is like the topic sentence, where you can site some of the examples related to outlining part of introductory paragraphs. For example, if you are writing about pollution in the world, you can state about the categories of the pollution and how it is affecting the people. Our assignment help experts lay emphasis to maintain a readability factor throughout the whole essay.


Third/Fourth Paragraph - Body 2


The second body paragraph highlights the evidences that supports your statements in the previous paragraphs. For example, if you have stated the pollution and its categories in the earlier paragraph, then stating instant assignment help the records, facts or information about pollution levels or how much percentage the pollution has affected the people, can be written in the support. The Body 3 paragraph is an exception as it depends on your assignment requirements.