As the threat of counterfeiting continues to grow, businesses in various industries are seeking effective ways to protect their brand and revenue. One solution that is gaining popularity is the use of QR code-based anti-counterfeiting technology. By incorporating QR codes based Anti-Counterfeit Packaging for Brand Protection, brands can benefit in terms of protection, loyalty, and enhanced revenue.

Genefied, one of the revolutionary QR code-based service providers offers the key to brand protection- with proven records of offers adding up to 3 to 10%* consumer Data, 95%* Trust and, the elimination of up to 70%* Fraudulent activities.

Genefied’s unique Anti-counterfeiting Technology- Randomly derived Hashed* QR code Tamper Proof Technology with Infiltration Reports.

  1. Multi-Layer Protection- QR code-based technology and anti-counterfeit packaging provide a multi-layered approach to brand protection, making it impossible for counterfeiters to replicate your products and packaging.
  2. Quick Authenticity Check- By incorporating QR codes into your packaging, you can give customers a quick and easy way to verify the authenticity of your products, building trust in your brand.
  3. Customer Trust- The combination of QR code-based technology and anti-counterfeit packaging can help to establish your brand as a trusted source for customers, particularly for businesses that sell their products online or through distributors.
  4. Brand Reputation- QR code-based technology and anti-counterfeit packaging can help to protect your brand's reputation and safeguard against damage from counterfeiting efforts, while also deterring potential counterfeiters."
  5. Maximise Revenue- Investing in QR code-based technology and anti-counterfeit packaging can help to reduce the financial impact of counterfeiting on your business, protecting your bottom line and maximizing your revenue."

Use Anti-Counterfeit Packaging for Brand Protection and let your customers quickly and easily verify the authenticity of a product.

Genefied's Anti-counterfeiting technology ensures brand protection, customer trust, and 5X revenue growth. Find out more by visiting the website. For a free demo, you can also get in touch with our experts.