A-FOLD tra i primi produttori di case prefabbricate modulari in legno per l'innovativa casa duratura, economica e sostenibile che si adatta ad ogni esigenza.

A-FOLD, producers of measured pre-assembled wooden places of things to come

Among the producers of pre-assembled wooden houses A-FOLD is spearheading for the capacity to join state of the art development techniques and quality materials to fabricate the best particular pre-assembled wooden house , and yet rapidly and effectively give a living space monetarily. open and practical. A-FOLD house

Producers of specially pre-assembled wooden houses

A-FOLD stands apart among the producers of pre-assembled wooden houses since it plans protected and inviting spaces that can develop and change with your necessities. All models of pre-assembled wooden houses are intended to give an amazingly agreeable life inside them, while staying reasonable and economical lodging arrangements . A-FOLD fits impeccably any place you need: regardless of whether it's enormous urban communities or provincial regions, mountains or a little shoreline town, A-FOLD adjusts impeccably to any climate. You can add your very own touch by picking your #1 example and materials, as indicated by your requirements and spending plan. Various development and completing choices permit you to alter your home as you would prefer. On account of the profoundly normalized prefab house building framework and fast establishment, you can set aside time and cash and secure the climate.

A-FOLD measured wooden houses, between Italian practice and advancement

A-FOLD is an enrolled brand name and a large portion of the development frameworks are ensured by licenses. The measured wooden house A-FOLD is planned and fabricated in Italy. The group has a strong involvement with pre-assembled structures obtained in more than 30 years of movement in the plan, creation and improvement of various development arrangements, consistently so as to green innovation. Affordable Prefabricated Houses

A polished skill that comes from a strong family custom that mixes with the utilization of state of the art apparatus. The strength and energy of a unique climate with an eye to a superior future. The soul of development begins from the adoration for nature, on the grounds that the best way to work together as a producer of pre-assembled wooden houses is to work on the climate in what men live, putting resources into the quality and style of the entirety. environment, guaranteeing prosperity and agreement. A-FOLD adds to bio-design advancement through strong and favorable replies, the consequence of a work made of responsibility, instinct, reality or more all energy.

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