I have to agree with your comment on parents and fire cape osrs gaming online. When I was in high school, my parents didn't agree with my passion for playing. They still don't. It's something that I've tried to "hide" over the years, even although I'm pretty sure my mom at least knows but it's my dad that really tries to cut into it.

As you may have guessed, the RS community has changed a lot over the decades. There were many people back then who would chat with you in times of need and offer great advice. We're similar to.. There were a lot of adults in comparison to teens. Now though...it's almost all teenagers. That isn't too say you can't find an occasional adult bird.

As a clanner, believe responsibility is the main lesson that this game has taught me. Back in the day when warring between F2P players was a huge thing, I've been in two clans and learned about leadership, management, and even through the process, have learned a bit about HTML/PHP.

Divine Locations are made using the Divination skill, and give plenty of resources very quickly, until you hit your daily limit. They are extremely high in XP/time and GP/time ratios and are well worth the effort every day. Your daily limit is determined by your level, which is 250, which is 2500 in total. Each resource you harvest and every noted resource received from others using your location of divine will count toward your limit, with certain sources filling your limit more quickly than others.

You may place as many divine locations as you want each day, but you can only create 1 per day. You should only harvest divine places from other players when you want XP. If you don't care about the XP and are looking to make a quick profit, you should put the most divine places of buy rs 3 gold your own in busy places.