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下載Salesforce Certified B2B Solution Architect Exam考試題庫

Universal Containers recently began a project to connect its ERP with Salesforce. One of the requirements is a daily batch process to create and update orders and order product information. The development team, using the corporate ETL tool, has created two processes to create these records using Bulk API. The test in the development environment worked fine, but in the production environment, some order product records were not updated and showed an error "UNABLE_TO_LOCK_ROW:unable to obtain exclusive access to this record". There is one Process Builder on the Order Product object and no async process.
Which two steps should a Solution Architect recommend to avoid this error?
Choose 2 answers

  • A. Change the Bulk API call to use Bulk API 2.0.
  • B. Sort the order product records by account and order before the Bulk API load.
  • C. Add a retry process for the records rejected by this error.
  • D. Use the import wizard instead of Bulk API.

Answer: C,D


Universal Containers (UC) is about to complete the first phase of its digital transformation with its new Lead to Invoice process that incorporates several clouds like Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Revenue Cloud, Experience Cloud, and MuleSoft. UC is now creating a Center of Excellence and focusing on a purely Agile methodology for working on new releases. UC wants to understand some of the considerations around release planning.
What are two recommendations a Solution Architect should make to ensure UC's releases to production work within its release schedule and there are no delays in future releases?
Choose 2 answers

  • A. Use the last sprint of the release to stabilize it and eliminate identified issues.
  • B. Utilize the last sprint to include functionality that was missed from previous sprints.
  • C. Create a regular sprint cadence across the different teams to demonstrate new functionality.
  • D. Fix the scope of the sprint during release planning regardless of how long it takes.

Answer: B,C


Universal Containers (UC) recently completed a successful implementation of B2B Commerce classic and saw an immediate increase in both its customer experience ratings and overall bottom line due to the influx of sales through its commerce application. After this initial experience, UC decided to target its internal Sales team for the same successful outcome with Salesforce CPQ and Sales Cloud.
UC's requirements include that its internal Sales team be able to sell its current commerce catalog and expand this catalog to include even more products. In addition, UC wants to give its internal Sales team the ability to utilize CPQ's discounting functionality, along with approval rules for its Sales leadership team. Today, product and pricing is mastered in B2B Commerce and orders are fulfilled in the ERP.
What should a Solution Architect recommend when architecting a solution to meet UC's requirements?

  • A. The Product and Pricing Data should be mastered in the ERP and then integrated into both B2B Commerce and CPQ via REST API.
  • B. The Product and Pricing data should be mastered in B2B Commerce and integrated into CPQ via REST API, and finally integrated to the ERP via SOAP API.
  • C. The Product and Pricing data should be mastered in CPQ and integrated to B2B Commerce via Apex, and then finally integrated into the ERP via a middleware solution.
  • D. The Product data should be mastered inside B2B Commerce, while Pricing should be mastered inside CPQ. Both solutions should be integrated via Apex and then integrated to the ERP via SOAP API.

Answer: A


Different teams at Universal Containers (UC) are experiencing challenges using their existing tools. The Sales team can only access their application from the office, the Marketing team has to manually import leads coming from the website into their campaign tool, and the Support team lacks a communication history repository between email, social networks, and calls. The website was developed by the IT team, and the Legal team is responsible for the Consent Management Platform used to meet GDPR requirements.
UC wants to improve its relationship with customers, so a digital redesign program is starting with the goal of moving to Salesforce solutions.
Which three steps are necessary to set up a program roadmap?
Choose 3 answers

  • A. Create project plans for each of the projects that will be on the roadmap.
  • B. Identify the high-level workload capacity and planning of the IT and Legal teams.
  • C. Prioritize the transformation of activities involving the least development.
  • D. Prioritize the transformation of activities related to customers' interactions.
  • E. Explain how the program contributes to the business's goals.

Answer: A,B,E