MyPlayers Creation Menu There's only a few options to create an account's creation menu. There are only a few choices to alter things like the color of your eyes, skin tone, and lips. I would love to have more options available in the creation suite. I would like to make my character to stand out from the crowd. Female MyPlayers - The WNBA made its debut in NBA 2K last year, and did very well. It was refreshing to play with NBA 2K22 MT Coins totally different teams. The great success of the WNBA has me thinking about my next suggestion.

It's probably possible to create the MyPlayer female who has their own Career mode. It might be exciting to see 2K Sports write a story where a female basketball player from college makes a splash and enters the WNBA. The addition of another MyCareer story will keep the game interesting over time since there's more content for viewers. 2K Sports could use this method to improve their storytelling. 2K Sports tend to be in a hurry with their story and the main themes. A WNBA story gives the possibility to explore a variety of ideas without being preachy and condescending.

It is possible to tell a story of a female athlete who has overcome difficulties without being smug or untrue. It's a common tale for women athletes. Animations - The gameplay of NBA 2K is solid. It's fun , and it's difficult if you get the difficulty level right. But, 2K has suffered from broken animations and glitches for many years. This issue has plagued the game for Buy NBA 2K22 MT at least three years, and broken animations can make the game incredibly annoying.