They have also been OSRS Gold taking advantage of Runescape customers to finance a series of flops. The Runescape players have profited from every dollar spent on Stellar Dawn. Mechscape. Thirdscape. A variety of free iPhone Games. Then there's the massive cost of licensing for Transformers.

Jagex's other flops (8 Realms and Funorb) were not as successful. Although Jagex's other failures (8 realms, Funorb, etc.) may have brought some revenue, I doubt that they were able to cover the development costs. Therefore, we're subsidising the costs of those. Runescape has been denied quests since the devs are busy creating other games that won't be played.

Birthright of the Dwarves was launched just two days ago. It's said to be an exciting and challenging quest. I haven't yet completed it because I don't meet the requirements, however the majority of players seem to be struggling dealing with the boss fight(s).

Jagex is currently working on two more quests "Missing Presumed Death" is a quest which includes Sliske and Itchlarin as well as Death (as seen in the Grim Reaper). It will focus on Sliske's "rivalry", which is not the best word since it doesn't seem like an actual rivalry given Itchlarin's power up until recently. Let's just say that Sliske dislikes Itchlarin quite a bit.

This quest is as the evolution and Buy OSRS Accounts continuation of The World Wakes. It will allow us to find out whether Sliske was a God or not and also how he got his staff from Armadyl. They are also working on a different quest, but I don't know what it is. It was interesting to me.