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Project Scenario
Calendar Project (Note: The companies and people within the scenario are fictional.) There has been a reduction in fie number of orders at the MNO Manufacturing Company due in part to the increased marketing activities of its competitors. To help counter this, the company has decided to create a promotional calendar for next year for all its current and prospective customers. The end product of this project will be a prepared calendar pack, ready for printing. The design of the calendar will be similar to one sent out previously, and must reflect the company image as described in the existing corporate branding standards. Another project is currently producing a new company logo when is to be printed on each page of the promotional calendar. The prepared calendar pack will consist of:
* Design for each month - correctly showing at public holidays and new company logo
* Selected photographs- 12 professionally-produced photographs, showing different members of staff
* Selected paper and selected envelope - for printing and mailing the calendar
* Chosen label design - a competition to design a label will be held as part of this project
* List of customers - names and addresses of customers to whom the calendar will be sent.
The project is currently in initiation and will have two further stages:
Stage 2 will include tie activities to:
* Create the customer fast using information from the Accounts and Marketing departments
* Confirm compliance with the Data Protection Legislation
* Create a design for each month - this will be done by the internal creative team
* Select and appoint a professional photographer
* Gather photograph design ideas from previous project and agree photographic session schedule
* Prepare a production cost forecast
* Select paper and envelope.
Stage 3 will include the activities to:
* Produce and select tie professionally-taken photographs
* Hold the label design competition and choose the label design
* Assemble the prepared calendar pack.
A production cost forecast, based on the options and costs for the paper, envelope, printing and marketing of the calendar is to be produced in stage 2. However, the actual production and distribution of the calendars is not within the scope of the project. The product cost forecast will be reviewed by the Project Board to determine whether tie project should continue.
It is now 05 October and the prepared calendar pack must be delivered to the print company by 30 November, to enable printing and distribution of the calendar in time for Christmas. The cost of the activities to develop the specialist products and the cost of the project management activities are estimated to be £20,000. There is a project time tolerance of +1 week /-2 weeks and a project cost tolerance of +£6,000 / -£6,000. A change budget of £500 has been allocated but there is no risk budget.
During stage 2, an early review of the photo design ideas from the Marketing department has highlighted the need for engineering machinery to be operating in the background during the photo sessions. This requires a change to the baselined Product Description for the photos. What action should the Project Manager take?

  • A. Raise an Exception Report to the Project Board.
  • B. Include this requirement on the next Checkpoint Report to the photographer.
  • C. Revised the Product Description for the photos and issue it to the Engineering Manager to ensure that the machinery will be operating during the photo sessions.
  • D. Log the change in the Issue Register as a request for change.

Answer: D


The project is now in stage 2. The Project Manager has heard about the possibility of a competitor also
producing a calendar to be delivered earlier than the target date for this project. There is a threat that the early
release of a competitor's calendar may weaken the impact of the MNO Manufacturing Company calendar,
thereby reducing the anticipated benefits of the Calendar project.
Which 2 statements should be recorded under the Timing of risk management activities heading?

  • A. When authorizing a stage, the Project Board will check that the exposure to risk is still acceptable.
  • B. When closing a project, the follow-on action recommendations should be updated with any risks relating to
    the realization of benefits after the outsourced services go live.
  • C. Any new risks identified during product development should be reported to the Project Manager by the
    Team Manager when delivering the completed Work Package.
  • D. The Project Board should hold monthly meetings to review project progress.
  • E. During stage 4, the selected service provider will manage any risks to their Business Case and report these
    to the Project Manager on a weekly basis.

Answer: A,D


Additional Information
Chief Executive Officer (CEO): He started the company 25 years ago and knows his job very well. He injured his leg two years ago which has restricted his visits to the engineering area. As CEO he has an overall perspective of the business strategic requirements and the authority to commit resources as required.
Marketing Director: She has been with the company for three years, following a successful career with a publicity company. She has the ability to represent the needs of the business, particularly as this is a marketing project. She has the authority to commit the annual business marketing budget, from which the project will be funded, as she sees appropriate. She will be responsible for monitoring the expected benefits of the calendar, in particular the improvement of the company's image.
Engineering Manager: He has been responsible for many engineering innovations in the company and is still as keen and energetic as the day he started. VVhilst he will not be part of the project team, his staff will feature in the photos for the promotional calendar.
Central Records: This group of five staff looks after all company records and document control. They now maintain all project files.
Bright Lights: This is the local office supplies company. It supplies all the stationery and office equipment needs of the company and will supply the stationery for this project.
Portraits ltd: This is a professional photographic company with a number of excellent photographers and a history of successful work. This company has been selected to take the photos for the company calendar. It has yet be decided which of the photographers to use.
Which 2 statements explain why the Marketing Director should be appointed as a Senior User for this project?

  • A. She previously had a successful career in publicity.
  • B. She can represent the Marketing department.
  • C. The project will be funded from the business marketing budget.
  • D. A number of the products will be produced by the Sales department and the Marketing department.
  • E. The Marketing department will help to deliver the benefits of this project.

Answer: B,E


A central government department, the Ministry of Food Hygiene (MFH), faces increasing pressure to cut costs, better manage suppliers' performance and reduce the confusion caused by inadequate internal controls, outdated standards and outdated technology. External consultants were employed to conduct a feasibility study to identify options to address the problems, and the likely costs and benefits. The following options were considered:
Do nothing.
Re-engineer selected business functions.
Outsource selected business functions.
The feasibility study concluded that there was a case for outsourcing the MFH Information Technology
Division and the Facilities Division (maintenance of buildings and grounds). The recommendations were:
One service provider should be contracted to provide the services currently provided by the
Information Technology Division and the Facilities Division.
A 10-year service contract should be agreed with the selected service provider.
The feasibility study developed high-level designs of the current organization, processes, systems and
operating models, plus an outline Business Case for the required project. The external consultants
also made the following recommendations for the management of the project:
Set up the project with 4 management stages:
Stage 1. Standard PRINCE2 initiation activities.
Stage 2. Create detailed designs (future organization, processes, systems and operating
models) and the service level agreement between MFH and the future service
Stage 3. Request and evaluate proposals, select service provider and agree contract.
Stage 4. Transfer equipment and staff, transfer responsibility for service provision and run
trial period.
Initial estimates indicated that the project would cost (GBP)2.5m and take two years to complete.
MFH senior management agreed that there was a case for outsourcing, and accepted the
recommendations as a basis for the project. There is an expected saving of (GBP)20m over 10 years.
The Outsourcing project has completed the Starting up a Project process and is now in the initiation stage. Because of the strategic importance of the project, the MFH Chief Executive Officer has taken the role of Executive. A PRINCE2-experienced Project Manager has been appointed from within MFH. Staff within the business functions being outsourced will work with the external consultants who conducted the feasibility study to define the detailed designs.
Which 2 statements should be recorded under the Business options heading?

  • A. Use external consultants to provide guidance on the detailed design of the outsourced services.
  • B. The re-engineering of selected business functions would not provide the required outcome.
  • C. Set up a PRINCE2 project to deliver the outsourced services.
  • D. Review a list of service providers to determine a short-list of possible service providers.
  • E. The lack of up-to-date technology in MFH means a re-engineering of existing services will not necessarily deliver the performance improvements required.

Answer: A,C