West Bengal is one of India’s three front-runners in the food and agro-processing sectors. West Bengal has an abundance of fruits, vegetables, and cereals. Agriculture and food processing businesses are vital to the state’s economy. Amongst FMCG, the food & beverage segment, especially the processed and packaged food sector, has huge scopes with industrialization and urbanization. The double burden of malnutrition – the coexistence of undernutrition and diet-related NCDs- poses a real and growing global health challenge, leading to open a market for dietary supplements and nutraceuticals in Kolkata. With this in mind, FRL offers a state-of-art food & nutraceutical contract research lab that offers end-to-end services to food manufacturers, nutraceutical and dietary supplement companies, and hospitals from basic market research, new food formulation to packaging services.

What are the building blocks of food development?

  1. Do your products deliver within specific nutrition, health, shelf life or cost parameters?
  2. Is the product satisfying consumer needs and wants?
  3. Are you struggling to ideate or identify the product & viability?
  4. Is your food business idea or concept not up to the market standard?
We have solutions for these.


Food Research Lab brings together the latest advances in food processing equipment, expert food scientists, chefs, nutritionists and partners from across the globe to help food, beverage & nutraceutical companies and entrepreneurs get their products to market quickly and effectively

The Food Research Lab is one of the leading experts in food, beverage & nutraceutical product development. Our team consists of expert food product consultants and food technologists based in Kolkata.

We have provided food consultation and new product development services to several Food and beverage companies in Delhi and other cities across India and assisted them in scaling their market worldwide. We help in obtaining food certifications and ensure that legal guidelines are followed.

Food Research Lab makes your dream concept a commercial product, integrating our Strong knowledge of ingredients and processing techniques to help you make the right decisions.

What are the states we offer across India: https://bit.ly/3zHILZj

Need to know what the services we offer are:

New product development

Nutritional testing

Recipe and menu development


Website: https://www.foodresearchlab.com/

Contact no: UK- +44- 161 818 4656, INDIA- +91 9566299022

Email: info@foodresearchlab.com