Bentonite has several numbers of uses. The demand for bentonite also has increased in the recent past from various building and production units. There are a huge number of bentonite manufacturers and suppliers. All the manufacturers have modern infrastructure and production plants to produce and supply top quality bentonite granules. It is naturally occurring clay. It is contained in the montmorillonite mineral. Bentonite clay is extracted out of it by way of a number of purifying and drying processes. Every manufacturer of bentonite has employed highly qualified and trained engineers to aid the process of bentonite powder production and supply. Hence, you can buy top quality bentonite for your industrial requirements.

Types and Qualities of Bentonite

There are two types of bentonite, namely calcium bentonite and sodium bentonite. Bentonite has the ability to swell in water. Hence, bentonite for oil well drilling has great demand. Some say that bentonite is a mineral with thousand plus uses. In India, Gujarat leads the production of the bentonite mineral. The raw clay extracted from the mines reachesthe potential customer after a number of stages. Drilling mud bentonite also is necessary for various activities. All bentonite suppliers have established their online presence. Are you looking for drilling bentonite? Search online for some of the reputed suppliers. You can buy the required quantity in the top quality available.

Animal Feed Bentonite

Animal feed bentonite also is available for you to buy. This is another important use of the mineral. In various industries, bentonite is an essential commodity. API bentonite is designed and produced for bigger performance and various industrial applications. If you have pets at home, especially cats, you might be looking for solutions to dispose of the cat litter. There is good news for such people. Now bentonite cat litter is available for everyone to buy. It is supplied locally as well as exported to almost all the countries.