New Jordans Release 2021 "Tennis Queen" Serena Williams co-branded! The new color AF1 LXX Zip official image is exposed! Players who have a little knowledge of tennis must be very familiar with the name Serena Williams. The astonishing statistics of 23 women's singles Grand Slam champions are enough to prove her greatness, and she is also one of the highest paid female athletes in the world.
Recently, a pair of Nike Air Force 1 official photos co-branded by Serena Williams, Nike's head spokesperson, has been exposed! The overall shoe shape is obviously different from the ordinary Air Force 1, especially in the zipper on the upper. The pure white body of the shoe is matched with the glittering zippers, and the noble temperament is undoubtedly revealed. The Swoosh embroidered on the side of the shoe has a design similar to concentric circles, which is very eye-catching. The gold embroidered Serena signed on the heel, demonstrating the joint identity.
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