Let's get to this! Last time, I started to look at some of the challenges we've set ourselves to OSRS gold solve with the Evolution of Combat. This blog continues that theme, and provides a bit more information about the plans we've made to release the beta version in 1 week. 1 WEEK OMG! Towards the end of the blog, I'd like to talk about the Grand Exchange and the price of things, and attempt to answer certain concerns you may have regarding the value you can expect to get for your equipment.

Combat will be simpler to use It's likely that you've seen the information about the action bars and the way you can create your own set buttons for important combat functions. You'll be able map every button that appears on the screen to your keyboard.

You'll be able to move spells, equipment, or prayers (including the quick prayer button) )...pretty all sorts of things you want, really. The action bar will continue to remove food from your inventory until it's filled with the type of food you have selected. The same goes for potions. We're also revamping the spellbook, making it more user-friendly as well as adding specific combat abilities in their own books of abilities!

We've also enhanced the way we display weapon stats. You can hover over an item to view its stats, and colour-code any changes or buy RS gold reductions in your combat statistics. This is very helpful when dealing with new gear.