But, the issue isn't going to be easy. This is the basis of the discussion. If the above bullet-pointed list is true OSRS Accounts, would you think that the SoF should be shut and be replaced? Jagex is close to going bankrupt after launching 3-4 successive moneymaking attempts recently that each resulted in multi-million dollar losses, and is currently working on a fourth attempt that could cost the same amount and has yet to see any kind of return.

Squeal is terrible value for money. There are three times more valuable websites than the Squeal. A mere 1% of players will ever be able finance xp gains, and less than 10% will ever buy more than 500k in their entire lives. Jagex, however, is equivalent to thousands and thousands of money memberships.

Yelp is now replacing by Mr. Coffin. This sombre troll does not crack jokes and uses exclamation markers throughout his writing. The squeal isn't overly colorful and Mr. Coffin does not smile. He doesn't show pop-ups each day. It's also been renamed the Wheel of Fate-influenced-by-cash, or WoFibc for short.

Jagex's financial problems could lead to the game to cease to exist, resulting in fewer updates and bugfixes and less servers. SoF is currently able to keep Jagex's projects, runescape and other projects on the right track. You find almost all updates targeted at your group entertaining and fun Buy RuneScape Gold. If you don't understand the bullet points, please stop posting.