Statistics is regarded as the study of data collection, presentation, interpretation, manipulation organization in a certain manner. It is an interdisciplinary course that helps the students to deal with numbers. In statistics, data or information is demonstrated in numbers. So, if you get confused with numbers, you can take statistics assignments help it will help you draft your assignment perfectly.

There are mainly two types or categories of statistics

  • Descriptive Statistics - Descriptive statics is considered the easiest form of statistics, where data is summarised in an illustrative manner. Unit helps the raiders to comprehend the information quickly. With the help of various parameters like standard deviation or mean, the sample is taken, which is only described in an elaborative manner. One can represent the descriptive data with the help of graphs, charts, summaries, and so on.
  • Inferential Statistics - The role of inferential statistics comes after the descriptive statistics is done. Here they try to describe or demonstrate the meaning of descriptive statistics. After data collection and analysis to describe the data, inferential statistics is widely used.

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What are the Different Stages of Statistics?

statistics assignment writer say that there are primarily five stages, these are –

  • Data collection - This is the first step of statistics, where we tend to gather the information or data with the help of various methods and theories. The methods can be different from case to case, but the process remains the same.
  • Data organization - In this step, we need to present pr organize the data in a proper manner so that it would be easier to understand.
  • Data presentation - This is the third step of the step of statistics, where we try to simplify the data and present it. It can be presented in various formats such as tables, diagrams, graphs and so on.
  • Data analysis - Data analysis helps to get a concur result from the collected data. With the help of certain methods and theories, the result is derived, such as interpolation, correlation, measure of central tendency, measure of dispersion, etc.
  • Data interpretation - Data interpretation is the final step of statistical analysis where we finally take out a conclusion. And give the final result.

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