Spider veins are tiny vessels in the skin, which become swollen with blood. Generally, there is a "feeder" vein that results when it fails to carry the function of a healthy vein. They are not similar to the varicose veins, which are larger, enlarged blood vessels with an inclination to twist and turn, spider veins are smaller and form the pattern of a spider web. They are red, purple, and blue vessels depending upon the skin tone. Whatever is the color it needs to be consulted with the vein treatment Houston tx?


What is the main reason behind Spider and Varicose Veins?


A number of circumstances could influence a person to spider or varicose veins. It has been proven by studies that about 30% to 60% of adults are likely to have spider or varicose veins. They occur more often in women and the general causes are heredity, obesity, usage of birth control pills, hormonal alterations post-menopause, and damage to the skin. It has also been seen that spider veins are more prevalent among people who are engaged in jobs, which involve continuous standing, such as, teachers, factory workers, nurses, etc. Even if you are engaged in these activities, it would be highly regarded to consult with the vein doctor in Houston tx to avoid further complications. 


Spider Vein Treatment with Vein Specialist Houston TX


  • Nobody wants to be around the person who is having unsightly veins spread on their skin. If you are continually complaining of pain regarding aches or restrictions on your legs and are troubled by heaviness in your legs and general tiredness, you might have to check with your physician. In women, the menstrual cycle and pregnancy can seriously affect patients too. Physicians suggest a number of treatments, such as skin hygiene, weight loss, and training 5 days a week.


  • Sclerotherapy has been used by the various vein specialist Houston tx to correct the condition of the veins with ease. Best suited for medium to large spider veins, the process involves shooting a liquid agent with the help of a tiny needle directly into areas. This results in the contraction or shutting the vein walls permanently. Based on the type they have, the relatively painless method may last for an hour and you might need to take the vein specialist Texas who has knowledge of the same. You will notice at least 50% improvement in condition with each session and a total reduction with two to six sittings. Consult the vein specialist Texas to take care of the problem completely. 


  • Laser treatment is also enjoying the popularity and most vein clinics TX recommend the use of very fine and the exact technology. It causes the veins to harden and fade from sight. The treatment may create slight bruising which will change in a week's time. For further information you can ask about the vein center TX to know well. 

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