Are you one of those students who spent days and nights of worry for writing a perfect literature review? Literature review forms the second chapter of a dissertation and it should be done in a perfect manner. We understand the fact that students do not have the time to do adequate research required for completing this section. The objective of this section is to prove that their individual piece of research would fit in the overall research context related to your chosen topic field. This is the reason they should opt for Dissertation Writing and make sure that they get a top-quality literature review. The experts make sure that the literature review contains the critical analysis of the various scholarly works pertaining to the particular area of study. Want to know, how you can draft a perfect literature review? The following points would give you adequate information for doing that-

Ø Identification of particular literature

You should be aware of all the literatures that you tend to include in your dissertation. You should make yourself familiar with the various online databases which would help you get the required information about a particular topic, proofreading services specifies that you shouldget in touch withreliable databases such as Google Scholar or Furl. You should identify which literary works you intend to include in your dissertation.


Ø Redefine your topic

You should start to define your research topic in a narrow way. The discussion should not be too broad as it may ruin the essence of the paper. CDR Report states that there should be an introductory paragraph for each of the new concepts introduced in the dissertation. You should try to dissect the topic in small components so that it becomes easy for you to define the key terms. For example, if your dissertation topic is “Impact of employee satisfaction on organizational performance”, then you should try breaking the topic in narrow terms such as employee satisfaction, employee performance, organizational productivity and the interconnection between employee performances with their satisfaction levels.


Ø Identification of relevant contexts

You should start by stating a clear example related to the research questions. These questions would help you define the track of your literature review. Do not forget to include the research context in your dissertation. Essay Writers mentions that you can include otherrelevant contextual factors such as theoretical contexts, practice context, methodological context and political context into your writing.


Ø Review of literature

You should have the capability of juggling between multiple tasks and extract information from a variety of sources. You should be able to compare and contrast the views of multiple authors in a coherent way.advises you to include your critical thinking while drafting your thesis paper. You should have the capabilities of critical analysis of the contents of the various scholarly works such as journals. Understand the viewpoints of various authors and decide which views would be most important for you.


Ø Jot down main points

A good literature review makes sure that you use a variety of keywords when writing your dissertation. You should try to understand the main concepts discussed by the multiple authors and know how to formulate your main statements. You should start to arrange all the small information sets so that you can organize your review and compose your draft. You should take notes while going through the literature and viewpoints of all the authors. Do my homework mentions that you should avoid repetitions in your text and this can be avoided if you do proper planning of your literature review. Visit - Assignment Help