Much has changed in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, and anything having to do with cleaning has been affected. Disinfecting has been added, and daily checklists expanded for more commercial spaces. In former virus hotspots like Manhattan, NYC office cleaning companies have taken responsibility to eradicate viruses and bacteria from shared touch points daily. Sanitizing products previously used in restroom cleaning or medical facility sanitizing has come into broader use. For everyone's health and peace of mind, spaces today need to be germ-free and stay that way.


If you're the manager in charge of cleaning at your company, you're likely facing increased expectations and the need to keep your budget the same or lower. Therefore, it's a perfect moment to interview janitorial services and hear their pricing for the services you need. If you have been using in-house staff, it's been tough to keep them updated and outfitted for the new cleaning needs. When you outsource to a specialist service, they can bring efficiency gains and make sure everything is handled to higher standards. The cost of equipment and implements rises each year, and outsourcing saves those costs.


The cleaning needs are increased for workspaces with varied areas, including lunchrooms, reception areas, and conference facilities. Make sure to do a walk-through with contactors you're considering and read their plans for daily service. When you receive several proposals, you can compare them to decide which offers you the most for your budget. Checking references is an excellent idea, along with reading online reviews from current and past clients. No two offices are alike and so what you need will differ from others but reading their comments is helpful before you decide. Make sure it meets your needs.

In the pre-pandemic world, many companies had environmental goals that needed to be upheld even as cleaning needs have changed and increased. There are antimicrobial products that fit into the eco-cleaning categories, and you want everything used to be EPA registered. Because it's more essential than ever to kill viruses and bacteria on shared surfaces, you need highly effective disinfecting products to be used at your office. They are required the most in restrooms but also, more spots at the office need to be sanitized daily. Therefore, a contractor with knowledge of the most effective cleaning products is vital.