There is a critical document Pvt Ltd Company Registration in Bangalore which is considered into international sales transactions. It will acquire significance for its government to get specified prerequisites before any commercial shipments of often exported or imported. During this post, we can have the highlight the importance of the import-export code and will specify the procedure to submit your IEC application online.


Who are all required to get an Import Export Code?

As per the Pvt Ltd Registration Consultants In Bangalore, no one will import or export will often avoid a legitimate IEC granted by the Director-General of Foreign Trade or a politician will be authorized by the Director-General. Thus every exporter or importer of products into India has got to obtain an Import Export Code.


The IEC could also be applied on behalf of a firm – which may be a partnership Ltd., trust, HUF, or society. A firm needs an approved address, PAN, and a checking account for applying for IEC.


Is it IEC necessary just for goods and certain services?

In Pvt Ltd Registration Service Provider In Bangalore, your business would also wish this not just for export or import, but there are many other advantages which are linked to IEC. The IEC number is always necessary for make availability for advantages under schemes of the DGFT or Ministry of Commerce like duty drawback, credit, subsidies on import of capital equipment, etc.


Here are the documents that are required for submitting an IEC application online?

Scanned Documents for Upload within the System

  1. Proof of establishment/incorporation/registration of the Partnership, Registered Society, Trust or HUF
  2. Proof of Address, which may be anybody of the subsequent documents
  3. Sale Deed, Rent agreement, lease deed, electricity bill, telephone landline bill, mobile, post-paid bill, MoU, Partnership deed
  4. Further, other acceptable documents (for proprietorship only): Aadhar card, passport, voter id


Just in case the address proof is not within the name of the applicant firm, so here there is a no-objection certificate (NOC) by the firm premises owner in favour of the firm alongside the address proof is to be submitted in one PDF document.

  1. Proof of Firm’s checking account
  2. Cancelled Cheque
  3. Bank certificate


There are the other requirements for filing an IEC such as

  1. Digital Signatures Token
  2. PAN
  3. Mobile Number and Email ID.
  4. Moreover, Address Details of Branch Office
  5. Bank Account within the name of IEC Holder
  6. Aadhar Card matching the small print with PAN Card


Format of the IEC certificate issued by the Ministry of Commerce is as follows

  1. User name
  2. Address
  3. Name and Designation of Applicant
  4. Address of Branch, if any
  5. IEC Number
  6. Date of issue
  7. PAN



How to Apply for Private Limited Company Services in Bangalore?


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