Then I had to play my liar part. It took me RuneScape gold forever to locate that beautiful altar. I have to admit that I thought lolly was hilarious. The merchants trial was the next step. It was simple to complete with the help of the salsquest guide. It was frustrating to try and locate the next person. I found it very clever that you can give everyone the things they want at every stage.

The talasmin quest was tedious in the hunter part. Nnow the maze part was a breeze with the sals quest guide and was also good fun. The Seer Peer was boring, but I was glad to get out of his home.

To fight without weapons or armor... It was an eppic battle, however it took so much time to get the 3 forms of the man who is deathless. It was worth it because of the quest exclusion items, such as the pet rock. So tell me your story.

It's evident I'm sure. But the candy cane of Christmas has decent offensive and defensive stats. It isn't likely to have huge statistics considering its requirements. But, it is highly in certain aspects of free play items.

It's not the most effective however, the strength benefit ranks over the scimitar made of iron, making an effective weapon for 1 attack for players who are not paying. This makes it the second most popular weapon for the holiday season, just after the scythe. What does it mean? Do jagex plan to develop semi-useful holiday products? They have already hinted at that, declaring "To an extent, I believe that we developers (and players) must accept that Christmas items will never be the most-used objects in the game, but this doesn't mean that they must be written-off as useless." (Dev Blog: Holiday Event: A Christmas Warble). Are you a fan of this idea, or do you just need a stylish item to wear while skilling?

This allows new players to participate in events during the holidays. When I first started runescape, there was no reason to go to the easter celebration. All the good training spots had been used up. If I had known that they might be a bit useful I would have gone there. In retrospect, it's regrettable that I didn't, because I consider the egg ring one of the best reward.

I was interested to find out what other people are thinking about the rumored updates like Acheron and cheap RS gold the Eastern landmass. You can read my opinions and then come up with your own.